tirsdag 8. mars 2011

Allied Finance (scam)

This "bank" runs a "Nigerian scam" on people. It could go something like this:

A girl in a poor country talks with a guy online. He's in a different country. He might have inherited money in Malaysia and needs the girl's help to transfer the money to another country. When the money is transferred, the girl can go buy a house and a car and in some cases the guy might even promise to marry her later on.

Sounds nice, right?

Well, there are some problems ahead. The money has been transferred to "Allied Finance" and they can't transfer the money out of Malaysia until someone has paid "tax" for this money. For some reason, they can't just deduct the "tax" from the $1.000.000 that is already in the bank account, they need the girl to transfer money to the bank BEFORE she can withdraw the one million.

Don't get sucked in. There's no money to win here - only to lose.

As normal, the scammers do poor work on the website. They might have fixed it now, but I was actually able to login with a BLANK username and password. So I could see some statements etc. No real banks lets you do this. If you're being scammed, you might receive a username and password - the purpose is so that you can see that there is actually money in there waiting for you. They can write anything they want in there, just because they show you a balance in there it doesn't mean that it's a real bank.

Another thing with the login is that it's not performed across a SECURE socket (connection). Your username and password would have been sent unencrypted across the internet from your computer towards this website. Hackers could easily have been able to intercept this and steal your password. This is a clear indication that this is not a real bank. Always make sure that the address bar starts with https:// and not http:// when you're about to login to an online bank.

If you look at the "contact us" link on the left side of the page. It links to a page at http://www.webaddresshere.com ... Sloppy work again. Here they should have linked to a local contact page on their site, instead they forgot to fill it in.

Take a look at the page http://afbkmy.com/index.html ... You can see that the text under "Overview" is very similar to the text of a (most likely) real bank in Malaysia; http://www.rhb.com.my/corporate_profile/media/2009/01-23.html

I know that these scammers had a different site, but I think they've closed it down already.

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  1. Here is another way they do the scam, I've just recieved this e-mail

    Royal Dutch Shell
    Sent: Mon 28/04/14 16:39
    Priority: Normal
    Type: Embeded HTML/Text

    You have been Credited with 2.5 million dollars in the on going Royal Dutch shell Global Development Program, you are to contact the Allied Finance Bank for verification and the release of your Funds to you via the online Transfer.

    Once again Congratulations to you.


    "RK&K" and "RK&K Engineers" are registered trade names of Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP, a Maryland limited liability partnership. This message contains confidential information intended only for the person or persons named above. If you have received this message in error, please immediately notify the sender by return email and delete the message. Thank you.

    Hope other people don't fall for these Ian


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